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Car Donation Centers North Dakota

Today, you can make the decision to change the lives of struggling Americans for the better. Donating any unwanted vehicles to Car Donation Centers is one of the most open-hearted and powerful ways of making a huge difference to the less fortunate communities across ND. You’ll help give education to struggling children and aid to disabled adults, and it all begins with an act of generosity.

We work alongside a number of respectable charities throughout North Dakota, and after auctioning off your donated automobile, we use the proceeds to provide help and resources where it’s needed the most. We offer a genuine, reputable service that makes getting rid of your old vehicles not only hassle-free, but it’s also a philanthropic gesture that will change someone’s life for the greater good. If you’re thinking of selling your old car, please consider donating it to a worthy cause instead.

How To Donate A Car In ND

Donating your old cars, trucks, vans or motorcycles is a very simple process that comes at no cost to you. Once you decide to donate to one of our charities, everything else is up to them. They’ll arrange a date and time to collect the vehicle from wherever it may be located, tow it away and leave you with space to bring in a new vehicle or to just enjoy the lack of clutter.

Not only do our charities take a whole host of vehicles, from cars to boats to RVs, but they’ll also take them regardless of their condition. It doesn’t matter if they’re brand new, decades old or even not in working condition, any donation will be graciously accepted. And once your donation has been approved, you’ll receive a tax break as a token of appreciation. Just call us on (877) 312-7850 to get started.

Car Donation Centers North Dakota

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Car Donation North Dakota Service Areas

Our charities pick up vehicles from all areas of North Dakota.

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Donate Your Car To Charity & Reduce Your Tax Bill

Call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week