Welcome to Car Donation Centers

Donate your car to one of our reputable car donation centers and help put a smile on the face of those who need it most. It’s simple, convenient and can change someone’s life for the better.

  • Help local charities by donating your car
  • Choose from car donation centers in your state
  • Get a tax deduction for the value of your vehicle
  • Don’t waste time and money trying to sell your car
  • Accept most vehicles no matter the condition

Car donations are a powerful way to make a difference to the lives of others. Right now, there are millions of struggling families, disadvantaged children, veterans and disabled adults who need a helping hand in life, and your car donation could be the reason their lives are transformed.

Not only does donating your unwanted vehicle help the needy, but there are fantastic benefits for you too. Donors will receive tax relief to the value of their donation, making it a viable alternative to selling.

How it works?


Commit to donating your vehicle by going through the online process or calling us on (877) 312-7850.

Give Away

Arrange a suitable time for your vehicle to be collected, then one of our charities will show up on your doorstep to tow your donation away.

Get Rewarded

Once your donation has been auctioned off, you’ll receive a tax deduction for the value of your donation.

Donate Car

What Vehicles Do Car Donation Centers Accept?


Whether they’re brand new or decades old, we accept cars no matter their brand, mileage or condition. Clear up that garage clutter today.


Got an old motorbike sitting in your garage? We accept two-wheeled vehicles too, no matter if they’re in working order or not.


It’s not just land vehicles we accept. We’ll take boats, jet skis and any other vehicle that runs on water as well.

Motorhomes & RV’s

Looking to upgrade to a new motorhome? Then why not donate your old RV to our charities and help change lives for the better.

Donate Your Car To Charity & Reduce Your Taxes

Change Lives Today By Donating A Car

Our car donation centers rely on the generosity of the general public to alter the lives of America’s disadvantaged. That’s why they’re so glad of any vehicle that comes their way, no matter its age or condition. Donated vehicles are auctioned off to generate revenue, and these finances are used to provide food, water, shelter, education and resources to those who need it the most. Vehicle donations can truly make a difference to someone’s life, whether it’s food for a struggling family or education for a vulnerable child.

Don’t Sell. Donate!

One question that commonly crops up is: why donate when I can sell? We understand that selling may sometimes seem like a more attractive option, but there are equally as many benefits as donating as there are selling your unwanted car, van, boat or motorhome. It might not seem like it, but it’s true.

Selling can be a real stressful task. Posting ads, haggling over prices, dealing with time-wasters. However, when you donate your car, you don’t have to worry about any of this. Our charities will take your vehicle off your hands regardless of its current condition. No haggling, no letting down.

Tax Deductible Vehicle Donations

We understand that donating a vehicle is a big decision. Cars, trucks, boats and motorhomes can be a costly affair, which is why we think it’s important that every donor receives something in return for their generosity. Not only does donating help transform the lives of the less fortunate all across the United States, but there are benefits waiting for you at the end too.

Once your vehicle has been auctioned off (or stripped down and had its parts sold individually), your generosity will be compensated in the form of a tax deduction bill. The value of your donation can be offset against the same year’s tax bill, resulting in similar financial gain than if you’d sold privately.