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Car Donation Centers Michigan

Help provide aid to Michigan’s needy by donating your unwanted vehicles to one of our car car donation centers. If you have a surplus car, van or motorcycle that’s just taking up space in your home, why not consider donating it to a worthy cause and help change lives for the better? Our charities are grateful for any donations that come their way, and your car could be the reason a child gets the food and resources they need today.

Donating is fast becoming the go-to choice for people looking to part ways with their unwanted automobiles. Not only is it a convenient, hassle-free process, but you can also offset the value of your donation against your tax bill for the same year. Donating your car in Michigan is not only a great way to help families, kids and disabled adults in need, but you’ll also be fairly compensated too.

How To Donate A Car In MI

You’ll be amazed at just how simple the donating process really is. Our car donation centers in Michigan ensure a smooth process from start to finish, and at the end you’ll be given tax relief to the value of your donated vehicle. Once you’ve decided to donate, your car will either be sent to auction or stripped down and auctioned off as individual parts. Our charities will be sure to keep you updated throughout the auction process.

Just call us on (877) 312-7850 to get things started. Our charities will take your auto off you regardless of its condition, and they’ll collect it from your premises at a date and time suitable for you. They’ll tow it away free of charge and leave you with a clutter-free driveway or garage. Instead of selling, donating can be a much more attractive option.

Car Donation Centers Michigan

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Car Donation Michigan Service Areas

Our charities pick up vehicles from all areas of Michigan.

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